Sunday, 24 April 2016

SEVEN (7) SIGNS THAT YOU NEED A DOCTOR URGENTLY... #6 is scarily important

Below are symptoms that you may be having everyday which seem relatively simple and of no consequence. They are however signs of health conditions that you must pay adequate heed to as they can degenerate to life threatening ailments.
  1. TIREDNESS AND LIGHT HEAD: You know it’s time to see the doctor when you always feel tired and have a light head, because keeping it longer than now can result to biting more than you can chew.
  2. BACK OR LOWER ABDOMINAL PAIN: When you start having that constant lower abdominal pain coupled with back ache on waking up, sitting for a while or standing, then watch it as this is a clear indication that you may have contracted Urinary Tract Infection. At this point, a visit to the hospital is very important. 
  3. UNEXPLAINED FEVER OR CHILLS: A couple of conditions can trigger off fever and chills. The moment you start having tingly feels, shaky body accompanied by fever it may be sign that there is an infection in your urinary tract, bacterial infection, flu, meningitis, pneumonia, sore throat, Malaria or even worse conditions. Finding out is simply by finding a doctor. 

  4. BURNING SENSATION WHEN URINATING: This is a sign that you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection which can degenerate to Urinary Tract Infection (an infection that affects parts of the urinary tract causing painful urination). Early dictation and treatment is the best way out.  Go for Urine Culture to ascertain the sort of bacteria and the Medical practitioner will prescribe best medications, especially antibiotics that will flush out the bacteria.
  5. STEADY URGE TO URINATE YET PASSING OUT LITTLE URINE: You have this intense, constant and urgent feeling to pass out urine, you drop all you are doing, rush into the Convenience to gush it out. Lo and behold only little trickles came forth. This could be a sign of many other ailments, but the most common among individuals is Urinary Tract Infection. However the best way to find out the fact is through a medical checkup. 
  6. DISCHARGE FROM PRIVATE PART: For women, odourless and/or colourless (white) discharge from the private part can be a normal vaginal secretion that pose no threat, but rather serves as self-cleaning purposes. However, if the discharge becomes milky yellow and smelly (offensive of any kind), please find your doctor. For men, if the discharge is outside the arousal pre-cum and semen ejaculation, then rush of to the Clinic. 
7.      STRANGELY COLOURED OR BAD SMELLING URINE: It's common knowledge that Urine has a foul odour, especially in the early hours of the morning. However, it becomes something to bother about when the odour of yours turns pungent which can be a sign of a health threatening condition like UTI. So when next you notice that the odour of your urine is out of the ordinary or the colour suddenly turned dark, cloudy or bloody, please call your doctor.


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