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Good number Nigerian youths have obviously decided to make the nation proud. Though the nation is facing her most trying time with the nation’s currency losing its value geometrically, hunger preying on all citizens, terrorism, militancy, abduction and forceful/child marriage and many other similar ill vices making banner headlines every other day. Some young citizens have taken up the challenge of standing out and toeing the right paths.
Ms. Precious Amarachi Nwankwo is among the numerous young positive minded, having become an author and established an NGO at a young age. In today’s interview, our crew kissed her.
Come join us…

KamReports: Good Evening Lady and Gentlemen, You are welcome to the Interview session with Realhart and KamReports. My name is Mr. Kanu Augustine and with me is Mr. Ekeledo Kelechi Hart.
Miss Amarachi: Thank you

RealHart: Can we know you?
Miss Amarachi: I'm Amarachi Nwankwo, indigene of Isialangwa South in Abia State, a graduate of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan and the author of a collection of poems titled “The Baobab Tree and other poems”.

KamReports: It is obviously worthy to note that you are a writer. What other things do you do apart from writing?
Miss Amarachi: I love to reach out to the less privileged, visit places...especially historic places. I also love news reporting

RealHart: How are you achieving or intend to achieve this reaching out to less privileged ones?
Miss Amarachi: One of my strongest belief is that with God, the right attitude n the right people, nothing is impossible. For this, I will work closely with people who share this same passion and together, we will make it possible.

KamReports: You are the Poet who authored “The Baobab Tree and Other Poems”. Can you tell us about the poetry book and what prompted you into writing poetry amidst other genres of literature?
Miss Amarachi: The book contains collection of inspiring poems with themes on discipline, love, talent, hard-work, dedication,  to work, patriotism and many more all targeted towards educating people on the right virtues that can guarantee a life of fulfilment. I chose poetry out of the other genres because I believe it is the only genre that allows me speak my mind as it is. Poetry is a form of discourse where emphasis is more on the writer. Everyone loves to hear 'from the horses mouth' because they probably believe the horse never lies. (Laughs) No other genre could have provided me the opportunity to pour out my heart straight to my audience.

RealHart: What is all about this baobab tree that you centered your book on it?
Miss Amarachi: The Baobab Tree is 'legendary' it symbolizes so many things such as beauty, long life, fulfilment, strength and wealth. There's something unusual about its physical appearance yet it lives a very long life providing shelter, food, clothing, wealth and many more to humans. There are so many lessons human beings can learn from the life of the baobab. I gave the book this title to create expose my readers to the virtues they can learn from this tree that can help them lead fulfilling lives.

RealHart: How can one get a copy of the book?
Miss Amarachi: You can contact me on +2347069189290 for your hardcopy or soft copy; according to your preference.

KamReports: There is what appears to be a chasm, a great gap between music and written literature. People tend to listen to music as against reading. What is your take on this?
Miss Amarachi: Both music and written literature equally have a way of sending strong messages to the human mind. Both are good and important. They can both be educating, informative and entertaining. However, reading (written literature) helps you dwell more on words and meaning. No wonder the popular saying, 'leaders are readers'. Inasmuch as I encourage people to pay attention to what works for them (whether reading or listening to music), I also think everyone should imbibe a reading culture. It has a way of increasing our knowledge on so many aspects of life that music alone may not provide.

RealHart: At what mood (s) do you usually get inspiration to write poem?
Miss Amarachi: I write when I'm happy and when I'm sad. I write about peopleandexperiences. I love to put everything down in writing

RealHart: Ms. Nwankwo, who do you have as your role model?
Miss Amarachi: I have lots of them... Mr. Onyekachi Nwankwo, Joyce Meyer and Amarachi Ubani of channels television

RealHart: Tell us about the Noble Hearts' Foundation which you founded.
Miss Amarachi: Noble Hearts Foundation is a non profit charity organization founded to cater to the needs of less privileged children.
KamReports: Tell us, when was Noble hearts Foundation founded and what will you tag as its greatest achievement?
Miss Amarachi: It was founded September, 2015. We are just coming up but there is hope. Our best is yet to come. Watch out for NBHF!

KamReports: What are the prospects and challenges of the organization?
Miss Amarachi: We wish to touch the lives of less privileged children especially in the areas of their feeding and clothing. The major challenge we are facing now is lack of funds to get registered and carry out build a strong foundation.

KamReports: What prompted the foundation of Noble Hearts Foundation?
Miss Amarachi: The need to touch lives in a 'big' way.

KamReports: Before we draw the curtain, what do you think should be the solution to the ever rising poverty rate of Nigeria's citizens?
Miss Amarachi: Nigeria citizens should stop expecting the government to provide solution. We must begin to think and bring up ideas to create wealth through every legal means available. This is a time for people to use their strengths and talents to make their lives better. This is no longer the time to depend on oil money or white collar jobs. We all must sit up and face the truth that lies before us- HARDWORK is key!

RealHart: What is your own definition of life?
Miss Amarachi: Life is a gift. It is a privilege. Cherish it, make the best use of it while it lasts

KamReports: You look quite young and a little 'too' enterprising for your age when compared to so many other youths around. What will you say about youths' misplacement of values and what advice would you leave for them?
Miss Amarachi: Youths! It's time to wake up to your potentials. We need to stop depending on the older ones and do what we need to do. This is our generation and we have to make it the best that has ever been. Youths are the future and the future is now here! The earlier we realize this and stop living in the past, the better for us.

KamReports: What words will you leave for the government, individuals and the society at large?
Miss Amarachi: Government should do their best to redeem the trust the people had for them. Citizens should help government to revive the society by doing their little bits of good, thereby making themselves governable. Together, impossible is nothing!

RealHart: That said, we match the brakes on this week’s interview Session with you Ms. Precious Amarachi Nwankwo. Thank you immensely for investing your time with us. We do hope you will oblige us next time we call on you, Ms.
Miss Amarachi: Thank you
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