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THE BITTER TRUTH BEHIND MODELLING - Johnson Rosemary; Queen Africa international

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! We will never lose faith in the youths that will lead our tomorrow. These young ones are constantly reminding us that they have all it takes to run the world successfully, their respective climes notwithstanding. Today, we are in Nigeria, and had this tête-à-tête with a Super Model, Johnson Rosemary from the country. She is an Ace who just added another crown to her cranium and she talks about the real truth behind Modelling. Hear her:

My name is  Ekeledo Kelechi Hart, and to conduct this interview with me is Kanu Augustine Oluebubechi . We represent Kamreports.
May we at this juncture meet you, please?
My name is Johnson Rosemary, the Queen Africa international 2017/2018

Where are you from?
I am from Isialangwa North LGA in Abia State

Can you kindly tell us a couple of things that will aid us know you better?
OK, I am the first child from the five, a graduate of computer Science Education from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike in Abia State. I love singing and surfing the internet. I am also into presenting and modelling, and currently the female brand ambassador of Nubian kulture and famaa fashion line Port Harcourt. Thank you.

What is the Queen Africa International all about?

The Queen Africa international, is all about promoting peace unity and cultural values through humanitarian duties and also giving the girl child a youthful future.

How are they doing that?
We do that by creating awareness for humanitarian causes and supporting the less fortunate

This definitely is an excellent project and those behind it must be highly placed​men and women. Please may we know them?
You can say that again. Well my CEO is Miss Christabel Iwuala, from Imo State, an ex-queen who has won so many crowns which includes Queen of Trust 2014 now the Nigerian Queen.

When was Queen Africa International found, and play us her unbeatable track record if any…
Xterlliana Africa Goodwill Entertainment is the organizers of this great pageant and it was founded in 2016. Being a very young foundation, we are still working on our track record. Thank you.

Your emergence as the current queen of this 'great pageant', what does it mean to you?

It means a lot to me. I am a Philanthropist who have been doing the little I can in my own little ways, however, this platform given to me, will aid me do more and fulfill my passion in the areas of touching lives.

Tell us about how your journey to be crowned Queen Africa International started and got this far.
It started with my manager asking me to contest. I said no at first because of some pageants in Africa are never free and fair. But you know there is never “harm in trying and seeing is believing” so I registered.
Believe me it was tough competing with pretty and intelligent girls from different countries. From camping, camp competitions and to the final stage then I was chosen, all I kept singing was “…starting from the button now am here…” It was awesome!

Aha! The talks about free and fair? How free and how fair will you adjudge the Queen Africa International pageantry?
100%. I am not saying this because I emerged the winner, but because of the high level of transparency. During the grand finale the audience were all given a voters card to vote for their respective favorite contestant, after which each contestant were told if they did well or not. No preferential treatments, it was open for everyone to see. Even my fellow queens and contestants can attest to this.

What you are now doing is quite different from what you read in school. Why is that?
(Laughs) It’s called passion. I have always wanted to toe this path, but you know education is key, so I had to get schooled first.

When did you start developing this passion?
From my Senior Secondary Class II, then I first contested for my first pageant in my school.

Have you ever lost in any pageant competition?
Yes, one.

How did you react to it?
Well I was a bit sad but I was OK with it because I learnt so many lessons there. After all it is a competition and not a “do or die affair”. The best girl won, so I moved on and was happy.

How do you prepare for a pageantry contest?
I simply follow the rules and work on perfecting myself for each stage of the contest

Obviously from past events, models do a lot of things; saintly and sinful just to get crowned Queen. Which of these did you do that finally gave you the crown of Queen Africa International?
I never did anything extraordinary to win, am never a desperate person.

What do you do to keep your body in shape?
Nothing much. I take lots of water especially when I wake up. I never joke with fruits especially apples and carrots and I exercise a lot. That's all

What are your next moves in the modelling world and generally?
Can't really say for now, I will just concentrate on working with my new title

The issues surrounding the act of Chidinma Okeke, a Model and Queen, seemed to have affected Nigerian pageantry negatively. What are people like you doing to restore the confidence of the public in the Pageantry Industry in Nigeria?
We all have different personalities, so we maintain a good personality by walking the right path thereby not only promoting how decent our pageants are but pageantry business in general.

Are you in a relationship?
None for now.

It's common to have mid and of course Queens talk about Pet Projects. Tell us all about what yours will be.
Mine is creating awareness on dyslexia.

The word dyslexia sounds a bit ambiguous. Kindly tell us all that we must know about it.
Dyslexia is a brain defect that causes letters of graphics to be misinterpreted or not interpreted at all. For example you see some Children Are not able to read their alphabet or write them correctly without missing out some letter or even stop at some point. When they grow it degenerates into them understanding things slowly or not even understanding. Some parents call them never do well instead of helping such kids.
This defect is not common in Africa because the awareness is on a low level. Dyslexia cannot be cured but managed. When these children tell you that they don't understand what they are being taught, some parents drop them out of school. Now they have the feeling they are “never do well”, some go into drug abuse, prostitution, crime etc.
This awareness will let parents know how to detect a dyslexic child and manage them to reduce crime in Africa and also to tell these dyslexic children and adult that they are special.
The truth is, people that have dyslexia are actually very skilled and can do better than others when it comes to handiwork. This is a natural gift which they have. So the awareness will start here in Nigeria and we will keep spreading the news.

Something must have made you to starting this project. What is it?
(Smiles) I have two dyslexic cousins. One is about 25 years old now and his story is a long one. The second is about 14 years old and the struggle is not easy. I also had a close friend in the university then too who is dyslexic, so you see I know about their struggle and I want to help more people who does not know what they are suffering.

A project of this height surely requires huge funds. How do you source yours?
We are going to have partnership with the Ministry of Health and Education, Dyslexia Africa International and other bodies and even individuals who we know would love to key in into this. By Gods grace they will respond.

Apart from the issue of fund, what other things draw you back?
Partnership! It’s a very important factor that can draw this project back but with God it will come to fulfillment
We add amen to that.

Is it not so ironical for a Beauty Queen like you to still be single?
(Laughs) Well for me it’s not. I have respect for myself so I choose wisely. So am waiting to see who is here to stay not just for a while.

Mention some of the qualities that person must have.
He must God fearing, I must be his best friend and most of all being truthful even if it’s the bitter one.

Who's your role model?
My Role Model is Michelle Obama; the 44th First Lady of the United States of America. She is my Role Model because of two things; one is her Fashion Sense, She always keeps it Classy and Elegant. Then the other Reason is her Leadership skills as the First African American First Lady, she has used her platform to speak to young women about taking their education seriously and making the world a better place. She inspires me a lot.

What is your own definition of success?
To me success is the accomplishment of one's goals

What is your view on the rate of ill vices amongst young people today; sex abuse and sexual promiscuity, violence, drug abuse, abortion, laziness, quest for easy and I'll gotten wealth etc...
Well, the vices that exist among young people today are in themselves pretty bad. It is also important to note that a lot of these youths do this as an economic measure for sustenance. There is an adage that "The mother hen should be blamed alongside the hawk for bringing her chicks in the open". By this I'm saying we all have a part to play in checking these issues.
On the whole, these youths need to be further encouraged to believe in Nigeria and as such believe in making it the right way. Mentorship is the key word, let's reach out; those who have made it rightly should pick these ones in the ills and clean them up.
This also applies to the issue of sexual promiscuity.
Drug abuse could be blamed on the rejection that has eaten so deep into our youths and of course, we all have a part to play to check this but most especially, it begins from the home; the smallest unit in the society.
Laziness is a serious issue that has to addressed but also could be attributed to the fear of failure and can be checked with proper sensitization and awareness.
Generally, I have this to say, the power of unity and enthusiasm cannot be over emphasized. Man can succeed at anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
Thank you

Your advice to the youths especially young girls who would like to trade in the same path as yours, the government and the society at large.
To the youths, even as you follow your dreams be yourself, don't envy anyone. Remember you can never be duplicated.
To the government and society at large please pay attention and empower the youths, they are the future and if you make good plans today, your future will be better and even best.

Thanks Queen. It's great having you here with us. We hope to have you tell us about another great feat in time not too far from now.
Sure I will. Thanks.
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